Holly Builders and remodelers....our Client Testimonials

"The finished product was perfect!  The craftsmanship on my screened porch and sons's bedroom is impeccable.  I described to Dan what I wanted and he designed it perfectly and made it even better than I imagined.  Dan even helped me select paint colors and pick out fixtures.  Holly Builders went above and beyone what I asked for. The staff was never late. They showed up by7:30 every day and worked a full day. They also cleaned up before they left each day."  - Stephanie and Bob of Marietta, GA

"I had no idea what I wanted, and Dan Holly came up with a wonderful design that met all of my needs and my budget. Construction was top quality work that went above and beyond. My moderately priced kitchen looks high-end all the way. They were there every day, communicated well, and left the area spotless when they left."  - Karen of Marietta, GA

"Holly Builders was able to take a concept that I had for renovations and put it to paper and complete it beyond my expectations."  -  Dave of Marietta, GA

" I was satisfied that the quote given was the cost of the project.  Dan Holly's attention to detail and the work ethic of his employees was great. They communicated the schedule effectively. It would be great if every builder or contractor worked like Holly Builders and Remodelers."  -  Pam and Charlie of Dunwoody, GA

"I was satisfied with their problem solving and flexibility. It was easy to problem solve on site. Dan is great at sharing ideas and sources, and his subs were very well qualified for the work. We are very happy with the project."  -  Helena and Tom of Chamblee, GA

"The carpenter's work on the cabinets was just incredible. He did squeeze us in between two ongoing projects, but we knew that, so it took a bit longer than expected. But everything was very good and we would use them again. It's incredible workmanship."  -  Nancy and Joe of Dunwoody, GA

"I was most happy with Dan as he had a lot of good suggestions form an aesthetic point of view and he didn't just build was we mentioned.  He made suggestions that we would not have thought of otherwise and that we're very happy with now."  - Leslie and Todd of Marietta, GA

" We are very, very happy with all of Dan's work. Their ability to be creative, work with the space, and give thought to the design and help us come up with ideas that would fit our wants and needs was really outstanding."  -  Jane and Randy of Marietta, GA

"Dan and his guys anticipated issues before they arose and had solutions in hand. As an architect, I had thought through most issues but inevitably there would be something to come up. Dan not only had solutions to these, he even suggested rethinking some original  ideas, and I oftentimes incorporated his suggestions. He has an expectation of quality that goes beyond just giving his client what he/she wants. If he thinks you are making a mistake, he'll let you know. But he is very easy to work with. Also, since trade discounts are available to us, we thought we could get better pricing on some materials. Dan beat our trade discounts in almost anything we tried to get."  - Janet and Angelo of Atlanta, GA